Exploring LED Holographic Transparent Screens

In the rapidly evolving world of display technology, LED holographic transparent screens stand out as a revolutionary advancement. Combining the magic of holography with the practicality of LED displays, these screens promise to transform how we interact with visual information.

In November 2022, the ultra-thin and ultra-light LED high-brightness flexible transparent screen was unveiled for the first time at the Shenzhen CHTF. This is the world’s first cutting-edge product with flexible design, simple installation, and convenient maintenance, while taking into account high-definition images, low power consumption, and 3D effects. It is of epoch-making significance in the holographic LED transparent screen industry and solves the product pain points and problems of LED transparent screens in the past. Great improvements and iterations have been made in terms of transparency, clarity and after-sales maintenance. It completely solved a long-standing pain point in the industry at once, making this product arouse strong attention from the semiconductor industry just after its release, and was unanimously praised by industry insiders.

The holographic LED transparent screen is characterized by “light and translucent”. The entire screen is like a mobile phone film. The size can be customized according to the actual situation. Once it is pasted on the glass, the oolong frame is mounted as a whole, and the power supply is connected at the corners. It can achieve the playback effect of LED screen, and it comes with naked-eye 3D technology. Transparent video, ordinary video, holographic video and naked-eye 3D video can be seamlessly connected to present a more realistic picture, and it is fully transparent and invisible after the screen is turned off. , no sense of physical existence.

Products are widely used in commercial windows, commercial curtain walls, exhibition halls, creative displays, cultural entertainment and tourism, automobile 4S stores and other fields.

Keelless design, thin and transparent

This holographic LED transparent screen does not need to be fixed with a keel to ensure stable display of the picture. At the same time, the entire screen will not be gridded and can be completely transparent. The thickness of the screen is less than 2MM, and the weight per square meter is only 6KG. If the weight of the power supply is not included, it is even thinner and lighter. It can be bent and cut, flexible and clever, and can be mounted on transparent glass to be integrated.

Exquisite structure, immersive experience

The exquisite structural design with high transparency enables the three-dimensional fusion of the scenes before and after the screen and the picture on the screen. The product can form a strong three-dimensional sense of suspension when displayed. It not only supports traditional videos but also takes into account the ultimate 3D rendering capabilities, ensuring a large enough Beam angle.

Easy to install and maintain

The entire screen can be assembled in the corresponding quantity according to the customer’s needs, by DIY splicing multiple modules, and by linking the control unit at the corner, the complete screen can be installed, and the operation is very simple. In addition, the screen can realize single-point single control. If lamp A is broken, it will have no impact on lamp B. Therefore, maintenance is very convenient, just replace the broken lamp beads with good ones.

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