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How should we choose a special-shaped LED display? What aspects need to be paid attention to?

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1. Brightness: The brightness should be moderate, and the brightness determines the viewing comfort. The brightness is too high and dazzling, and the brightness is too low, the picture is not clear.

2. Color reducibility: The color reducibility of the LED display should be consistent with the color of the playback source, so as to ensure the authenticity of the image.

3. Screen flatness: The flatness of the LED display screen affects the quality of the displayed image. The shoddy screens on the market cannot be neat and have large and small bumps, which will lead to blind spots and poor visual experience. The flatness is determined by the process, and the flatness of the box surface should be kept within ±1mm

4. Dead point: The dead point of the LED display refers to a single point that is always bright or always black on the display screen. The number of dead points is mainly determined by the quality of the die. The lower the dead point, the better the display effect of the LED display.

The accuracy requirements of outdoor screens are not as high as those of indoor screens. Because they are greatly affected by the environment when placed outdoors all year round, outdoor screens pay more attention to waterproofing and energy saving:

Therefore, when choosing, be sure to choose a screen that is tightly packaged and waterproof .


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