P3 Outdoor IP65 Hexagonal LED Display Screen Ship to France

Recently, there is exciting news! We have delivered orders to our valued customers in France, who are very much looking forward to our products BescanLED Outdoor Hexagonal LED Display. In January 2024, the customer chose to purchase 40 of our most advanced P3 Hexagonal LED displays from BescanLED Company.

After carefully studying various options, the French client decided on a hexagonal LED display screen as the main visual element of the event. They worked with provider BescanLED to design and install a custom outdoor hexagonal LED display system.

The Outdoor Hexagonal LED display screen in the video is 1m long on each side. Unique Hexagonal design, Magical and Fantasy effect Cabinet design, good for fixed installation and mobile events. It Can be controlled by madrix software, can realize musical and 3D effect Perfect choice for club and stage’s lighting effect.

BescanLED is always committed to providing customers with high-quality LED display solutions. We believe that through continuous efforts and innovation, we will grow together with our customers and create a better future together. Thank you again to every customer for your support and love. We look forward to writing a more glorious chapter with you in the future!

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