Holographic LED Display Screen

LED holographic screen is also called holographic invisible screen and holographic film screen. The screen is grid-shaped and uses specially designed transparent LED display elements to allow light to penetrate the display screen without causing obvious obstruction to the background. It is not only thin and transparent, but also easy to install. The most important thing is that it is more high-definition, the product is in a grid shape, the visual effect is more transparent, there is no PC carrier, and the heat dissipation effect is better. The product adopts an integrated lamp area design. There are no other components except the lamp beads on the front and back of the module, which is very beautiful. The size supports any customization, can be bent at will, cut at will, and can be pasted on the front and back to meet more applications.

    Holographic LED Display Screen

    Easy Installation and Portability

    The display screen is engineered for easy installation and portability. With its lightweight and compact design, it can be effortlessly set up and moved to different locations as needed. The straightforward installation process reduces downtime and allows for quick deployment, making it ideal for events, trade shows, and temporary installations where flexibility and ease of use are crucial.

    High transparency

    Compared with traditional LED transparent screen products, the biggest feature of this product is that it has no structural dragon frame and is truly fully transparent, with a direct viewing permeability of more than 90%.

    High-Resolution Display

    The Holographic LED Display Screen boasts an exceptional high-resolution display that ensures vivid, crisp, and clear visuals. Utilizing cutting-edge LED technology, it delivers vibrant colors and sharp details, making images and videos appear lifelike. This feature is perfect for advertising, presentations, and immersive experiences, offering an unparalleled visual impact that captures attention and keeps viewers engaged.

    Wide Viewing Angle

    Designed to be seen from multiple angles, the Holographic LED Display Screen offers a wide viewing angle without compromising on image quality. This ensures that viewers can enjoy a clear and vibrant display from almost any position, making it perfect for public spaces and areas with high foot traffic. This feature enhances visibility and ensures maximum audience reach.

    Thin and light

    Professional aesthetic design, thin and beautiful. The display body weight is only 2KG/㎡. The thickness of the screen is less than 2mm, and it is mounted on a seamless curved surface. It is mounted on transparent glass to perfectly fit the building structure without damaging the building structure.

    Technical parameters

    LED holographic screen technical parameters
    Product numberP3.91-3.91P6.25-6.25P10
    Pixel pitchL(3.91mm) W(3.91mm)W6.25mm) H(6.25mm)W10mm) H(10mm)
    Pixel density65536/㎡25600/㎡10000/㎡
    Display thickness1-3mm1-3mm10-100mm
    LED light tubeSMD1515SMD1515SMD2121
    Module size1200mm*250mm1200mm*250mm1200mm*250mm
    Electrical propertiesAverage: 200W/㎡, Max: 600W/㎡Average: 200W/㎡, Max: 600W/㎡Average: 200W/㎡, Max: 600W/㎡
    Screen weightLess than 3kg/㎡Less than 3kg/㎡Less than 3kg/㎡
    IP ratingIP30IP30IP30
    average life spanMore than 100,000 usage hoursMore than 100,000 usage hoursMore than 100,000 usage hours
    Power supply requirements220V±10%;AC50HZ,220V±10%;AC50HZ,220V±10%;AC50HZ,
    screen brightnessWhite balance brightness 800-2000cd/m2White balance brightness 800-2000cd/m2White balance brightness 800-2000cd/m2
    Visible distance4m~40m6m~60m6m~60m
    White point color temperature5500K-15000K(adjustable)5500K-15000K(adjustable)5500K-15000K(adjustable)
    Drive modestaticstaticstatic
    Refresh frequency>1920HZ>1920HZ>1920HZ
    frame change frequency>60HZ> 60HZ> 60HZ
    mean time between failures>10,000 hours>10,000 hours>10,000 hours
    Usage environmentworking environment:-10~+65℃/10~90%RHworking environment:-10~+65℃/10~90%RHworking environment:-10~+65℃/10~90%RH
    Storage environment:-40~+85℃/10~90%RHStorage environment:-40~+85℃/10~90%RHStorage environment:-40~+85℃/10~90%RH


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