LED Rolling Floor Display

led rolling floor display is a new generation LED Display. Due to its unique rollable form like carpet, it can be simplyand easily to be installed. It is not only comparable with the traditional LED Floor, but also has betterparameter performance and is closer to the form of life application. Transform any space with our state-of-the-art LED Floor Screen, a perfect blend of durability, clarity, and innovation. Designed for high-traffic environments, our led rolling floor display offer vibrant, high-resolution displays that captivate and engage.


    LED Rolling Floor Display

    Key Features

    High Durability: Built with robust materials to withstand heavy foot traffic and external pressures, ensuring long-lasting performance.

    Superior Visuals: Provides high-definition display with exceptional brightness and contrast, delivering stunning visuals from any angle.

    Interactive Capabilities: Optional interactive touch features available, making it ideal for interactive installations and experiences.

    Customizable Sizes: Available in various sizes and configurations to fit any space requirement.

    Water and Dust Resistant: IP-rated protection against water and dust, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

    Weight Capacity

    These are designed for high traffic areas or events and can support up to 1500 kg per square meter or more.


    R Series LED Rolling Screen Specification (DC 24V Module)
    Brief ParameterConfigurationSMD1010SMD1515SMD2121
    Pixel Pitch1.25mm1.5625mm1.953mm2.604mm3.91mm
    Module Size (mm)W500 x H62.5 x D14mm
    Module Resolution (pixels)200×50320×40256 x 32192 x 24128 x 16
    Electronic ParameterColor Depth12-16 bit
    Refresh Rate(Hz)≥3840 Hz
    Scan Mode1/501/401/32  1/24  1/16
    Driver ICICN2076ICN1065S
    Received CardNovastar A5S Plus ( A8S Pro for 7,680Hz Refreshing rate)
    Viewing Distance (meter)≥ 1.2m≥ 1.5m≥ 1.9m≥ 2.6m≥ 3.9m
    Screen Weight (kg/㎡)16kg/㎡
    Viewing Angle(°)140°/140
    Electrical ParameterInput Voltage(V)DC 24V~36V
    Max Power Consumption512w/sqm
    Ave Power Consumption170w/sqm
    Ambient EnvironmentTemperature-20 ℃/+50℃ (working)
    -40 ℃/ +60℃ (storage)
    IP LevelIP 63 / IP 41
    Humidity10%~90% (working)
    10%~90% (storage)
    MaintenanceMaintenance WayRear


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