LED sphere display

shape LED display screen is a creative spherical surface led sphere display with multiple screen divisions, telescopic and special-shaped screen, HD uniform technology display screen is not distorted, and has super advertising value. The front LED display has a stronger visual impact, which is more attractive for advertising and more unique for decoration. The sphere LED display breaks the limit of the regular shape of the traditional LED display and appears in a different shape, which brings another way of development in the LED display industry. Higher technical requirements and higher production.


    • Face Shape: A face-shaped LED display that has eyes, nose and mouth.
    • 3D Effect: You can create stunning 3D video contents on your face.
    • Stable: Adopting superior materials such as Nationstar SMD, MeanWell power supply and running strict tests.
    • Easy installation: looks great. But the entire screen is made up of several removable cabinets.

    LED Sphere Display

    Flexible and Creative LED Display

    led sphere display,sphere led screen

    Exploring the World of LED Ball Sizes

    led sphere display,sphere led screen

    Installation Process

    led sphere display,sphere led screen

    Multiple Installation Methods: Hoisting & Floor Standing

    led sphere display,sphere led screen

    360° viewing angle

    Our Spherical LED Screen is a 360 degree LED panel without dead corners. Maximize the effect of LED display. Images or videos can be displayed around.

    The LED spherical screen can play all videos and images. Show amazing video and image effects.

    led sphere display,sphere led screen

    Unique Appearance

    Sphere LED display is a creative ball-shaped LED display. Much more eye-catching than a standard LED screen.

    Very different from traditional LED screens. It is more attractive than traditional ones. It is a shining star in all types of LED displays due to its unique design. And it is an indispensable part of all types of rooms and settings.

    led sphere display,sphere led screen

    Simple operation, multiple installation methods

    Unlike conventional LED displays, spherical LED displays are easy to disassemble and assemble. This minimizes the work of our clients.

    At the same time, you don’t have to get confused with complex operations. As always, ease of use is something we emphasize in the design. Instead of using a standard modular design. The spherical LED display is composed of several modules of customized size and shape.

    In addition, the spherical LED display has various installation ways. For example, suspended ceiling type, integrated type, etc., to meet the installation needs of different customers.

    Technical parameters
    Pixel settings
    Pixel size
    Scan range
    1/16 scan, constant current
    Module size(W × H × D)
    custom size
    Resolution per module
    Standard Cabinet Dimension (W × H × D)
    Pixel/Cabinet Resolution (W × H)
    1046x 523 pixels
    Resolution / m2
    111,111 points/㎡
    Minimum viewing distance
    Minimum 3 meters
    16 bits, 8192 steps
    color number
    281 billion
    Display mode
    Synchronous with video source
    Update frequency
    Viewing angle (degrees)
    Temperature range
    -20℃ to +60℃
    Service access
    front of
    Standard Cabinet Weight
    Maximum power consumption
    Maximum: 3000W/m2
    Protection level
    Front: IP43 Rear: IP31
    Lifespan at 50% brightness
    LED failure rate
    > 10,000 hours
    Input power cable
    Signal input


    Application led sphere display,sphere led screen



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