Outdoor Fixed LED Display Video Wall Screen – OES Series

Outdoor Fixed LED Display OES Series is specially designed for energy-saving, as the power consumption can be reduced by 30% after utilizing common cathode technology, which is difficult to reach this effectiveness by other methods, it can’t reach so high energy-saving effectiveness even by decreasing screen brightness.


    • Energy-saving; 30% energy saving
    • High precision; Light and solid
    • Weather-proof; Anti-corrosion
    • Low heat dissipation
    • Full front maintenance supported to save installation space

    Outdoor Fixed LED Display

    Common Cathode Technology Design

    Low temperature, low power consumption and low heat with energy saving ICs and power supply, 30% energy saving than normal outdoor cabinet.

    New common cathode technology, compared with conventional LED display, common cathode is to divide R, G, B LED chips, to provide electric power for them respectively, and can keep them to work at the optimal state,  by this way to improve power utilizing efficiency. The rated power of Red LED chip is 2.8V, Green and Blue are 3.8V, the method of conventional led display would provide an unified voltage 5V to them, but R, G, B lamp do not need such big voltage to work, so surplus power would be released by heat-generation, which would have electric wastage.

    outdoor fixed led display

    Automatically Cooling System

    Die-casting magnesium itself is with quick heat dissipation ; Larger area heat dissipation rib , efficient heat dissipation.

    outdoor fixed led display

    Quick installation

    Dual fast lock design for fast assembly · Plug-in connector design :safer & fast connection than terminals

    outdoor fixed led display

    Technical parameters
    Pixel Pitch (mm)P6.67P8P8P10P10P10
    Pixel Density (dot/㎡)224771562515625100001000010000
    Module size (mm)320X320320X320320X160320X320320X160320X160
    Module Resolution48X4840X4040X2032X3232X1632X16
    Brightness6500 nits6500 nits6500 nits6500 nits6500 nits8000 nits
    Power ConsumptionMAX: 450Watt/cabinet   Average: 135 Watt/cabinet
    Cabinet size (mm)960X960
    Cabinet MaterialsDie casting Aluminum
    Cabinet Flatness (mm)≤0.5
    Grey Rating14 bits
    Application environmentOutdoor
    Protection LevelIP65
    Frame Frequency50/60HZ
    Refresh Rate1920HZ-3840HZ

    Standard Accessories

    outdoor fixed led display outdoor fixed led display outdoor fixed led display outdoor fixed led display


    outdoor fixed led display


    outdoor fixed led display


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