Outdoor LED Display Video Wall – FM Series

Introducing the Outdoor LED Display Video Wall – FM Series, a cutting-edge solution designed for superior performance and durability. Crafted from all-aluminum material, this series boasts an ultra-high-grained heat dissipation rib design, ensuring maximum heat dissipation efficiency. The divided voltage power supply design contributes to low heat generation and extended service life, while the hard connection design guarantees high stability. Featuring a light and thin profile, the FM Series weighs as little as 30kg/㎡ and has a sleek thickness of just 77mm, making it the perfect choice for outdoor display needs.


    Outdoor LED Display Video Wall – FM Series

    Transform your outdoor spaces with our FM Series LED Video Wall. Engineered for stunning clarity and durability, this display is perfect for any weather, delivering vibrant visuals and seamless performance for advertising, events, and more.


    High safety: All-aluminum bottom shell, high ignition point, high fire protection level, can pass TUV agency 5VB fire test certification. Specially designed waterproof rubber ring, multi-layer waterproof protection, protection level up to IP65.
    High stability: all-aluminum material, ultra-high-grained heat dissipation rib design, high heat dissipation efficiency. Divided voltage power supply design, low heat, long service life, hard connection design, high stability.
    High performance: innovative circuit design, high brightness efficiency, and can achieve 10,000-level brightness display.
    High convenience: full front maintenance design and full rear maintenance design, easy installation and saving installation space. Thin and light design, the weight can be as light as 30kg/㎡, and the thickness can be as thin as 77mm.
    High contrast: Innovatively designed mask with a brim height of 2.5mm to improve contrast. The mask has high precision, low tolerance and no module phenomenon.


    Supports arc corner splicing and right-angle corner splicing
    Dual voltage separate power supply

    Water-proof test


    Part Number P4.44P5.7P6.66P8P10
    Pixel Pitch4.44mm5.7mm6.66mm8mm10mm
    LED Configuration SMD1921SMD2727SMD2727SMD2727SMD2727
    Pixel Density 50635dot/m230625dot/m222500dot/m215625dot/m210000dot/m2
    Module size480*320mm480*320mm480*320mm480*320mm480*320mm
    Module Resolution108*72 dot84*56 dot72*48 dot60*40 dot48*32dot
    Cabinet Size 960*960*77mm960*960*77mm960*960*77mm960*960*77mm960*960*77mm
     Cabinet Resolution216*216dot168*168dot144*144dot120*120dot96*96dot
    Cabinet Weight 25kg25kg25kg25kg25kg
    IP Rating ( front/back)IP65IP65IP65IP65IP65
    Brightness Intensity >6000 CD/m2>6500 CD/m2>6500 CD/m2>6500 CD/m2>6500 CD/m2
    Viewing Angle (H/V) 140°/140°140°/140°140°/140°140°/140°140°/140°
    View Distance>5m>7m>8m>10m>12m
    Gray Scale14bit14bit14bit14bit14bit
    Display Scale16.7M16.7M16.7M16.7M16.7M
    Brightness Adjustment0-100 levels adjustable0-100 levels adjustable0-100 levels adjustable0-100 levels adjustable0-100 levels adjustable
    Max.Power Consumption 650W/㎡650W/㎡680W/㎡650W/㎡650W/㎡
    Ave.Power Consumption220W/㎡220W/㎡240W/㎡220W/㎡220W/㎡
    Drive Mode1/9S1/7S1/6S1/4S1/2S
    Refresh Frequency≥3840HZ≥3840HZ≥3840HZ≥3840HZ≥3840HZ
    Operation PowerAC100~240 50/60HZAC100~240 50/60HZAC100~240 50/60HZAC100~240 50/60HZAC100~240 50/60HZ
    Operating Temperature-20℃~+50-20℃~+50-20℃~+50-20℃~+50-20℃~+50
    Operating Humidity10~95% RH10~95% RH10~95% RH10~95% RH10~95% RH
    Operating Life100,000hours100,000hours100,000hours100,000hours100,000hours


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