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Warranty Policy
General Support
Warranty Policy

Bescan will provide 3 years warranty on all our LED displays from the original date of delivery. 

During the warranty period, we will not charge for maintanance, services and material expenses. If it is beyond the warranty period, we will only charge for the materials.

Starting from the date the product reaches the customer and is signed for acceptance, all man-made demages, accidental damages, and damages caused by malpractice are not covered under the warranty.

We provide LED screens with a lifetime of maintenance services, and we constantly improve the systematic functions and upgrade software for you. If you need added hardware devices, we will only charge for the price of the compnents.

A variety of contact information, such as telephone numbers, fax numbers, email address, and a 24 hour response service are available.

General Support
Engineering Support

Bescan provides technology training for free, which contains the operation and maintenance training of the LED screens in the factory. All operation manual, software, test reports are available. Any associated CAD drawing on how to fix up the display and some other expert suggestion will be provided. If need, we can send our engineer to your side for instruction, and clients should pay the cost about engineer's trip.

Custom Support

First, Bescan offers custom led solutions for every customer and project. Working with designers, architects and engineers, our specialty is to design, manufacture and integrate for some of the most creative and innovative visual projects. No matter the size and shape you desired, Let our team help you come up with a solution.

Second, Bescan has a large variety of excellent quality led displays from a wide range of small pixel pitch like P1.66-P2.5 to P10-P15 manufactured under our strictly quality control. High resolution, high IP grade, supper light and thin panels, full front maintenance, custom size and shape make us stand out from other led display suppliers.

Third, we offer superior service. Whether you're looking for Led display system sales, led screen rental or after purchase support and service, here we have you covered.

Comprehensive Service

1.    Pre-sales service: email or online, telephone communication, offer suggestions and solutions according to customer requirements.

2.    After-sales service:

1)    Keep you informed about the status of your led display production process

2)    Take pictures and videos of your led display for reference after finish production

3)    Arrange shipment and tracking the shipment for customer until the products arrived successfully

4)    Offer all necessary documents such as Bill of Lading, Packing List, Commercial invoice etc to help customer clear the customs and take the LED Display.

5)    Offer installation structure drawing to help customer build the structure, if customer need, we can arrange engineer to your country to guide and assist install the LED Displays for you.

6)    Offer technical training for free, such as teach customer how to operate the software, how to check the trouble shooting and maintenance the led display,etc.

7)    Three year warranty, any broken parts caused by quality problem could be returned back to repair to replace for free during this period.

8)    Offer technical support by online remote control whenever customer need, we offer 24 hours service, can call us : +86-15019400869.

LED display models are generally expressed in PX, such as P2 P3 P4.....P8, P10, what does this mean?

P3 P4.....P8,P10 means that the pixel pitch is 3mm 4mm....10mm, which determines resolution of a display .Pixel pitch is smaller, led display resolution is higher.

What pixel pitch should I choose on my display?

Using the PX screen, it is determined mainly by the viewing distance, the size of the display screen, the desired effect and the customer budget. 

To order a display ,What kind of information do I have to offer you?

You should provide width/height of the display, the main use, the viewing distance, the scene photos, special requirements,then I can provide you with a detailed list of quotations.

How to install the led display?

Free of charge to provide detailed steel structure drawings and installation guidance and wiring diagram,free remote debugging. We can also send our engineers to the site to guide the installation if needed.

What about your quality?

The quality of our display is excellent. We use the materials of high quality suppliers, we strictly control the production process, and pass the multiple quality inspection to ensure that every product is qualified.

Can I order a sample?

es,We welcome customers to order samples to check our product quality of our products and service.

Is the product customizable?

Yes,we can customize the product according to customers' needs, you just need to provide the requirements details.

Do you test all your goods before delivery?

Yes,we have 100% test before delivery.

What kind of packaging you offer?

During the packaging process, preventive measures will be taken by us to assure that the goods are in a good condition during storage and delivery.


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